What Happened to Weight Loss 4 Idiots Diet?

Weight loss 4 idiots is the former name of Fat Loss 4 Idiots, an online diet plan which promised accelerated fat loss in just 11 days.

So, what’s the deal with Fat Loss 4 Idiots? It’s a diet plan that doesn’t involve counting calories or depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

The program works by manipulating your metabolism through a technique called “calorie shifting.” This means that you’ll be eating different types of foods in specific combinations, which will keep your metabolism guessing and prevent it from slowing down.

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The program makes some pretty bold claims. It promises people that they can lose nine pounds in a matter of 11 days. But is there any truth to this? In truth, weight loss can be achieved through proper diet and regular exercise. The program goes on further with four basic principles. For starters, a Diet Generator dictates the food you eat. Meals are taken four to five times a day until satisfied.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots also teaches people to go on a diet for 11 days and stop for three days. A bit of walking is also required. As you can see, this program sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. The diet prescribed here does not go on forever. Instead, you are taught the proper way to eat to lose weight.


This program takes advantage of one often overlooked factor – fat burning hormones. These hormones help you lose weight the natural way. The program helps you tap into this resource through a clever diet which encourages the body to produce these hormones. This is the reason behind more meals per day and the results speak for themselves.

The program also debunks some long-held myths on losing weight. For instance, going on low fat diet is not necessarily the best thing to do. Low calorie foods can help but only leave you hungry for more. Low carbs on the other hand is a bad idea since the body needs this to perform vital functions. The program aims to correct all these while achieving the best results.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots work because it tricks your body into thinking it never starves. This means you get to eat whatever you fancy while still losing weight. The program is so flexible in fact that even vegetarians can use it. All that is needed is to select a list of foods that you like and let the diet generator work its magic.

As such, the program advocates a common sense approach to dieting. You will learn a lot on the basics of weight loss and proper dieting. There is nothing complex to learn here. Everything is easy to understand and right up your alley. You get access to all kinds of materials you need to achieve your goal. This means you can get started right away or any time you want.

A lot of people are already using the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program and have enjoyed the results. All in all, the program will help you lose weight faster than other similar programs. Stick to this diet and you should have the body you have always wanted in no time.