Best Double Major with Mechanical Engineering. Find out more about these programs and... Get info about online master's degree programs in mechanical engineering. Retrieved from Get personalized advice from our college experts. The combined degree program provides exceptional OSU Undergraduate students an opportunity to double-count credit from their undergraduate studies towards a graduate degree in Mechanical, Aerospace, or Nuclear Engineering. Please note that the completion of a double major may result in extended time to graduation, and that students must complete the course requirements for both degrees before either degree will be awarded. Few schools in the Phoenix area have top ranking mechanical engineering programs. Typically, the double major is completed in 4.5 years. The student must complete the standard requirements for one of these majors (the primary major). © copyright 2003-2020 A number of students choose a second engineering field. Where Can I Study Mechanical Engineering in Columbus, Ohio? Information is specific to the major/stream, please refer to the course for more information. “Double-major Program” refers to the educational program formed as a combination of the first and the second major programs, giving students the chance of receiving the first and the second major program diplomas at the same time. I'm currently going to college for my engineering science degree which is a perquisite for any Engineering Bachelor's degree. The two compliment each other very well; and is even being offered by PennState Univ. Double Major The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering offers a Dual Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Caleb Farny. The double major combines curricula that already have much… Read more engineering degrees by double majoring. Double Degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Engineering . Here's why and how you can choose the best option for a double major. You will also put your learning into practice with innovative hands-on projects that will challenge and inspire you. guide you through every step of the college selection and enrollment process. The following Engineering and Science double degree major combinations are available:. I don’t mind staying in school longer if it can increase my knowledge and understanding of solid state physics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and everything that goes into materials science research. {{ links..." />