Apache plume is an erect shrub not exceeding two meters in height. Haw', 'Eldorado', 'Kashmir White' and 'Esplendido'. In Wikipedia. Sku #3566. It has light gray or whitish peeling bark on its many thin branches. Apache plume is native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Just better. 48" tall x 48" wide, (seed propagated). Information and translations of fallugia in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The flower of the shrub is roselike when new, with rounded white petals and a center … 'Flame Bearer' X seedling 1405A, involving 'Mme Cheri', 'Magnifica', 'Alcazar', 'Souv. The leaves are each about a centimeter long and deeply lobed with the edges rolled under. Light Needs. ZIP. Full sun. Toggle navigation Apache TomEE Documentation; Community; Security; Downloads; Download as PDF. 65 MB. {{ links..." />