(100 - [total annual precipitation(mm}/25])), As - Tropical savanna climate with dry summer, < 60mm precipitation driest month (in summer) and < (100 - [total annual precipitation{mm}/25]), Aw - Tropical wet and dry savanna climate, < 60mm precipitation driest month (in winter) and < (100 - [total annual precipitation{mm}/25]), GISD/IASPMR: Invasive Alien Species Pathway Management Resource and DAISIE European Invasive Alien Species Gateway. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 100 AMARANTHUS EARLY SPLENDOR Tricolor … Assamese. 135 sold. Amaranthus gangeticus. Erect or ascending, stems stout, much branched, angular, glabrous. Amaranthus tricolor, also called edible amaranth, is a plant species of the family Amaranthaceae. Choose a country to see content specific to your location, Tampala, Chinese Spinach, Floramor, Flower-Gentle, Joseph's Coat, Three-Coloured Amaranth, Calaloo, Chinese Amaranth, Summer-Poinsettia, English wild amaranth, Green amaranth, Mbum bu digèn, Bredo femea, Fondulo, Pélé uluzedigpoie, Boromonema, Efai, Ìnyàη˚, Ìnìnè ḿmē, Guernsey pigweed, Vleeta, Horsetooth amaranth, Amaranthus tricolor (in a flowerbed) 01 by Kor!An (Корзун Андрей) (CC BY-SA 3.0), Amaranthus tricolor Perfecta (4444686145) by Ton Rulkens (CC BY-SA 2.0), Amaranthus tricolor (in a flowerbed) 02 by Kor!An (Корзун Андрей) (CC BY-SA 3.0). UK SELLER. A. tricolor occurs as a quite rare exotic vegetable in several African countries, apparently introduced by Indian immigrants and occasionally cultivated around the big cities, especially in East and southern Africa. Burgundy also makes a nice microgreen … Umakanta Sarker, Islam, M. T., Rabbani, M. G., Oba, S., 2015. Articles and News . Transcriptome analysis by illumina high-throughout paired-end sequencing reveals the complexity of differential gene expression during in vitro plantlet growth and flowering in Amaranthus tricolor L. PLoS ONE, 9(6), e100919. AMARANTHUS TRICOLOR SEEDS (Joseph’s coat, edible amaranth, bireum in Korea; tampala, tandaljo, or tandalja bhaji in India; callaloo in the Caribbean.) The Edible Garden Nursery, Moorland Barn, Whiddon Down, Okehampton, Devon EX20 2QL. You can login using your social profile. Flowers are arranged on tassel-like racemes, they are small and non-showy compared to the dramatic foliage. Amaranthus tricolor is a ANNUAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in) by 0.5 m (1ft 8in) at a medium rate. The PLANTS Database. Seed #497: Edible amaranth is also called Chinese Spinach or yin choi. But Joseph's Coat has one thing going for it that Coleus doesn't—it's edible! Talukder, M. S. A., Islam, M. S., Hossain, M. M., Kundu, R., Hossain, S. M. S., 2004. Sprouts are ready after 1 week and make a nutritious addition to salads or stir fries. Ronga ... Wild edible plants of Assam. Amaranth (Amaranthus mangostanus, Amaranthus tricolor) Also known as: amaranthus, callaloo, careless weed, Chinese spinach, edible amaranth, tampala, wild blite All Red Leaf #248 : Red Beauty #384 : Red Garnet #497 : Red Leaf #221 : White Leaf #204 July 2011. Amaranth plants grow well in average to rich, well-draining soil with equal amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus.Like many vegetable crops, they need at least five hours of sunlight a day to do well. Species plants feature ovate to elliptic, green to purple leaves (to 10” long). £1.29 postage. Inflorescences borne terminal and axillary, globose cluster up to 2.5 cm in diameter, upper clusters form a terminal spike, male and female flowers intermixed. {{ links..." />