this article: CREDIT: Photo by Zora Norlic. The steady pace and the melancholy atmospherics are important, but without their keen ear for detail, the music would simply be a haze. Music Reviews Low’s new record, Ones and Sixes, is an interesting weather forecast. Burton's glitch pop ideas work magnificently when fused with Low's slowcore work, but oh boy, does he have a hearing problem - the album is mixed and mastered way too loud just like in Double Negative. While their music almost always sounds like something … “Decay” is my guess for the most used word in reviews for Ones and Sixes. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Ones and Sixes stands up as another worthwhile release and continues to cement Low’s legacy as slowcore’s best band. Available on: Vinyl Double LP £18.36, CD £7.99. The ones that do rarely find new things to say. For all intents and purposes it’s a pretty standard, under three-minute, get-in and get-out love song, and based on the words alone, a very treacly one at that: "I couldn’t wait to come back through/ To you." But on Ones and Sixes, their 11th album, they have found new ways to stay germane to music industry and mix their minimalist aesthetic with electronic instrumentation. The guitars sound scorched, and the drum machine loops are crushed. “Ones and Sixes” is a watershed moment for Low, the culmination of two decades toiling on the outskirts of mainstream rock in pursuit of its own muse. Ones and Sixes weaves together the strongest elements of their 22-year career – from slowcore sparseness to wiry post-punk to glorious sadrock – and while the results feel as mournfully doom-laden as ever, they still tingle the spine like no-one else. 6.7 | Consequence Of Sound. But it seems as though the fallout from that experience woke the band up, and Ones and Sixes is a far more interesting record for it. Not exactly a left-turn, but a welcome, additional flavor. By Stories, New Music Mike Barnes September 11, 2015 Genre: 1990s, Genre: 2000s, Genre: 2010s, Album review, Artist: Low, Low, Album Artist: Low, Album Label: Sub Pop, Album Name: Ones And Sixes, Rating: 4. As its enters its third decade making music, Low has reached a comfortable but engaging stride creating music that consistently seems to be at odds with itself. Their previous collaboration with Burton, 2015’s glitchy-around-the-edges Ones and Sixes, only hinted at what was to come. As always with Low, the beauty is all about the details Read Review. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on But this is not Low’s Not, you would imagine, a viable strategy, but here we are 22 years on and it is still Low who have captured the imagination of critics and fans for their latest LP Ones and Sixes. Sep 11, 2015. 30. The opening song … Sub Pop, 2015 Purchase: Amazon 7.6 / 10. Low – Ones and Sixes Posted by Paul Page on Sep 4, 2015 in Album Review , Indie/Alternative | 0 comments While some continue the quest to find the great lost chord, Minnesota trio Low have always been quite happy to re-shape and re-imagine what’s already been discovered. The song's verses feel like free-associative jumbles of words like, "gentle, battle, torture, stable and silence", underscoring the song's fitful, uneasy energy. Musically, a shift made itself evident to critics reviewing Ones and Sixes, reaping generally positive assessments. Low have made a large departure from their previous works on "Ones and Sixes," with absolutely stunning results. Ones And Sixes. Here, the palette feels magnified from the very first song: The tense thud and crackle of "Gentle," reminiscent of the unease that pervaded 2007's Drums And Guns, announces that upfront. 80. Low : Ones and Sixes By: Thomas Hatton. Low. Clarion calls of all sorts dissolve at the lip of the void faster and faster everyday. This is an album that cracks and sizzles, bursting with an electric energy and swelling into enormous, cavernous moments. Low, 'Ones and Sixes' (Sub Pop Records) It feels like such a cliché to call an album the "best of a band's career," but I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Low's 11th album, Ones and Sixes, easily stands out as one of the finest of the band's 22-year career. Reviews Low Ones And Sixes Glen Mcleod , September 10th, 2015 13:24. AllMusic. Ones And Sixes finds them producing some of their best work in years Read Review. Gone are the days of the band performing with one guitar, one bass, one snare and a cymbal. Enthusiasts could easily be made to feel like turniphead Ostriches. As a listener, you’re never sure exactly what the bands goal is. Album Reviews: Low - Ones And Sixes. 64 customer ratings. Ones and Sixes stands up as another worthwhile release and continues to cement Low’s legacy as slowcore’s best band {{ links..." />