> 'Giraffe' - 46 News Result(s) A curious giraffe at West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestershire shattered the window of a couple's car after it stuck its head inside to try and get at their food. But under park regulations windows should be kept half shut while visitors are instructed to keep their hands outstretched outside the vehicle while doing so. A giraffe pokes his head into a familys car sunroof and sticks his tongue out to lick from a womans drink. The giraffe went to the hospital in a car with his head out of the window. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Within seconds, the animal’s head becomes trapped between the roof of the car and the glass of the car window and bursts into shards. Picture: Supplied/ YoutubeSource:Supplied. 2 years ago No kidding. Mixed feelings about zoos - west midland's safari park have an enormous mixed species enclosure, they're on the nicer end of the zoo spectrum. This happened today at a West Midland Safari Park, here in Britain. During certain areas of the drive-through safari at West Midlands Safari Park, visitors are permitted to feed some animals from their vehicles. {{ links..." />