> Asked by Wiki User. Dogs, but the chances of hyenas being domesticated into dogs are very small, or even impossible. You know, the loaf, like cat loaves. Which Animals Could Beat a Hippo in a Fight? All living hyenas have similar qualities and a skeletal structure. All Rights Reserved, StomachPunch Media LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. These animals feature several characteristics with canines, including being non-arboreal, catching prey with teeth, and using their non-retractable claws for running. The four extant species are the striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena), the brown hyena (Hyaena brunnea), the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), and the aardwolf (Proteles cristata).The aardwolf can trace its lineage directly back to Plioviverrops 15 million years ago, and is the only survivor of the dog-like hyena lineage. 'Cause I REALLY want one! Domestication is a process of genetic modification that takes hundreds, if not thousands of years of selective breeding for hyenas to be a house friendly animal. Hyenas have the strongest jaws on the planet and could break a femur with a snap of it's jaw. Their large claws and powerful teeth make them a threat, especially when in a group. Hyenas take a great deal of patience to tame, as well as a firm hand to function as the leader of their pack. I will actually answer what was asked instead of advising one way or the other for if it is a good idea or not ! While these animals are not tame in the strictest sense of the word, they have been tamed by one man. A hyena is one of the most feared animals in the world, but in this small Ethiopian village, Abbas, known as the "Hyena Man," has trained them so he can hand feed them inside his home. Reputed to be cowardly and timid, the hyena can be bold and dangerous, attacking animals and humans. 4 Answers. Female hyenas tend to be larger than the males, as well as much more aggressive. One man in Africa, Abbas Yusuf, is also known as the Hyena Man. Hyenas would require large and secure enclosures and cannot ever be considered safe to freely interact with and handle. Yes, I have a … Reputed to be cowardly and timid, the hyena can be bold and dangerous, attacking animals and humans. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. When one photographer was recording Abbas and his bond with the hyenas, he noted that Abbas could even crawl into a hyena den with pups and be perfectly safe. They need cat food, dog food, and carrion in order for them to stay healthy. It is why they are not used in circus. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The striped hyena is easily tamed and can be fully trained, particularly when young.. https://fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Domestic_Hyena?oldid=339948. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a domesticated subspecies of the gray wolf (Canis lupus lupus) and therefore belongs to the same species as other wolves, such as the dingo (Canis lupus dingo).Therefore, crosses between these subspecies are biologically unremarkable and not a hybridization in the same sense as an interbreeding between different species of Canidae. There are four species of hyenas, and each is built slightly different than another. It is possible. Your email address will not be published. Favorite Answer. Hyenas have a predatory drive, which needs to be met even in captivity. If you’re looking poking for a Pet raccoon message me. Spotted hyenas are also known as laughing hyenas due to the pitch and frequency of the sounds they produce which resemble human laughter. They may live in family groups, however, so don’t expect to find a hyena all on its own. To be fair to the hyenas, the women probably think they're men and vice versa, so there's no feminist junk going on, just every day men who can get pregnant. There's a good number of dogs stronger than a Hyena, but the Hyena will win everytime. Your email address will not be published. These large predators are intelligent and need a great deal of care. A fully grown spotted hyena can be between 28 to 35 inches tall. Owning more than one hyena would increase the risks involved, as they are generally even more effective hunters when hunting in a pack. They are really intelligent, powerful creatures more social than wolves and hardier than dogs. broun and srtiped hyenas eat around 25-30 pounds of meat a day, spotted hyenas a good 40 pounds. Can Hyenas be Domesticated? All hyenas belong to one of four species that include the spotted hyena, the brown hyena, the striped hyena, and the aardwolf. They need cat food, dog food, and carrion in order for them to stay healthy. The spotted hyena tends to be a highly social species of hyena, while the other hyena species tend to be a bit less social. In his native Ethiopian village, he has formed such a strong bond with the local hyenas that he can feed them by hand. 2 3 4. Ned Hardy | Contact | Privacy Policy | DMCA StomachPunch Media, LLC. Nevada has some of the loosest pet restrictions, while California and Hawaii have some of the strictest. They are mostly nocturnal and come out of their dens at dusk. Can a hyena become domesticated? [Serious] How can hyenas be domesticated to be man's best friend? They have long forelegs and thick necks, and from their heads to their tails, their backs slope noticeably downward. Interesting tangent, the female hyena gives birth through her clitoris, ouch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are extremely strong creatures, much stronger than dogs and combined with their predatory instincts and their powerful bite, you could easily be maimed or killed without warning. A man purchases a hyena cub to live with him... in his eighth floor apartment! Spotted hyenas can run up to 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour. Hyenas are actually the best >but muh manwomen and femboys! The domestic hyena is a domesticated descendant of spotted hyenas that were domesticated by Maverick Hunters because of their loyalty, strength, etc. Although they kill dogs in the wild, striped hyenas raised in captivity can form bonds with them. {{ links..." />