Headphones comparison > AKG K240 MKII vs AKG K240 Studio. I've been using the AKG K240 headphones for probably 7 years now, and finally upgraded to the MK II just a few months ago. Comparison of AKG K171 MKII vs AKG K240 Over-ear Headphones. This type will be able to block out outside noise but won’t give you as natural sound like open back. Apart from being affordable — though slighlty less than the K92 — the AKG K240 has gained popularity for the following… $('.ptp-plan').matchHeight(false); Unfortunately, they're not the most versatile headphones. The highest frequency at which device produces audio. In our opinion, you can pick whichever is more convenient for you. Besides that, MKII version includes a coiled cable and more comfortable ear pads, which may be important if you listen for hours at a time. They perform poorly in loud environments and their bulky, cumbersome build is a bit unstable on the head. It is not indestructible but it should be able to handle small mishandle. I found out that the mentioned devices have pretty similar sensitivity, as the model K240 has 104 dB and K52 has 110 dB. Your email address will not be published. Some people even said if you blast the volume, the person in the next room may hear it too. While both contain a straight XLR mini to 3.5 mm cable and 3.5 mm to 1.4" adapter, the MKII also includes a coiled cable as well as an additional set of velour cushion pads (as featured on the AKG Q701s). Now, let’s compare the AKG K240 MKII with K240. Comparison Turtle Beach 60P vs Turtle Beach PX24 – What’s the Difference? The K240 Studio professional over-ear, semi-open studio headphones are designed for professional applications such as mixing, mastering and playback. This model means to avoid pressure build up and affect the sound, so there should be little echoes inside these open back. The Studio and MKII versions of the K240 are very similar semi-open style headphones, with the main differences being design and a few extra connectivity features and accessories on the latter. vs. vs. 15 facts in comparison. AKG K240 Studio $ 119. {{ links..." />